durable footwear for a restless minimalist.

the end of my capsule wardrobe marked both a beginning and an end - the beginning of a new era of minimalism and sustainability with the quarterrican, and the end of my favorite pair of adidas. i didn’t want to throw them away. instead, i scoured for places to recycle your old sneakers - turns out, nike (c’mon adidas) has its reuse-a-shoe program at the newbury street location in boston. you can go there, drop off your old athletic sneakers, and the materials are sorted and processed into playground turf. 

once i had responsibly removed my old sneakers from my life, i set out to find a new sneaker that could satisfy my desire for both clean design and durability. i decided on a common projects type - there are a lot of sneakers that make slightly more affordable (and i mean that lightly) versions of the iconic silhouette. i subscribed to a few product emails, took to instagram, and sifted through consumer feedback. eventually, i settled on oliver cabell. 

Oliver Cabell Sneakers close up

oliver cabell

minimal, refined details for casual footwear.

oliver cabell stuck out to me for three main reasons:

  1. they included information about their factories and retail mark-up on their website, including a cost break down of the sneaker. transparency is an important factor for me - i appreciate when companies can back up their statements with transparent proof. 

  2. the price point, if the sneaker truly IS an investment piece, didn’t strike me as outlandish. i’m hoping to hold on to this pair for 3 years at least. breaking down the price, that’s about $60 a year - the price of a pair of vans. i’m paying the same price without throwing away a pair of shoes every year (i really beat up my sneakers, give me a break). it’s a lot less wasteful, a lifestyle i’m learning about and embracing. 

  3. the silhouette was exactly what i wanted. i wear these sneakers to work most days so i want something that can be professional if i have a meeting yet still comfortable enough to wear both on my commute and throughout a bustling work day. 

so far, they’ve been great. they require a bit of breaking in but they’re comfortable and fit really well. i have wider feet so i’m excited that they fit in a more narrowly designed shoe. i’m not sure yet how they’ll hold up to the weather in boston but i imagine that some leather care will be in order. i’ve also been storing them in my closet with some inserts to maintain their shape. i’m excited about the prospect of having these for years to come. 

oliver cabell sneakers