see right through me. well, my wardrobe really.

we demand transparency from brands. we want to know the materials, real cost, and retail markup. we want to be informed - and we are. a consumer in 2018 is the most informed he/she/they has every been. it made me think - why don’t we demand the same transparency from bloggers?

i decided to act on that thought. so, after a month of planning and creating, i have posted my entire wardrobe online. every last piece. each piece of clothing includes four key bits of information:

  1. the brand

  2. the cost

  3. how long i’ve had it

  4. how well it’s worn

these pieces of information, to me, are the core tenants i keep in mind when i purchase something. now, i can include cost break downs by year and truly demonstrate how well the brands i use hold up in a transparent, honest way. that way, if you choose to invest in a brand that i have on there, you know exactly what your experience will be like. 

but it won’t stop there. beyond my core collection, i have included two other features on this page. one is a list of pieces i’m on the hunt for. it’s a way to show the gaps i feel like my wardrobe still has (like a beanie. and honestly, its getting way too cold for me to be messing around.) 

the other feature is called beta test. this is where i will include recently acquired pieces, whether purchased by me or sent to me through a brand collaboration. eventually, they will be moved over to the core collection - but only if they make the cut.

want to explore my wardrobe? check it out here. thank you all for your endless support. i’d love to hear what you think of this project so shoot me a message on instagram or feel free to drop me an email - my inbox is always open.