a day in chinos - keep your bottoms versatile.

for me, sustainability is all about versatility. it’s those pieces in your closet that can be worn everywhere that keep your wardrobe interesting. i asked a lot of you what parts of your closet need to be the most versatile and i received a lot of different responses. from shirts to shoes, we all look for different pieces to that extra mile.

for me, that’s why i love a good chino. they’re soft enough to wear casually around the house or to the coffee spot around the corner or clean cut enough to dress up. i used to have a pair of black chinos that i wore so much the crotch actually ripped while i was waiting in a bus station (long story). but after that, i stopped replacing my pair of chinos for a bit. i gravitated towards denim and trousers. however, i’m happy to say that i jumped back on the chino train and have been testing out these chinos from dstld. 

i have a pair of denim from dstld that i swear by so i was thrilled to hear they were releasing a new pair of chinos. to counter my typical obsession with black and navy, i went for a stone color pant to brighten my very dark wardrobe. the fit is great and, although i was worried about the color, i’m v pleased. so far, i like them a lot but don’t think i will be getting a lot of use out of them for the next two months or so. the pants are a slightly thinner fabric so the wind in boston REALLY cut through them. today is actually quite warm so i think i’ll break them in a bit more before i can’t. 

however, i don’t see this winter issue as a bad thing. with a small wardrobe, it’s fun to have seasonal pieces. you can rediscover them for a period of time, give them a break, and then start all over again. i’m excited to wear these on the warmer days and then set them aside until spring time. huge shoutout to the folks at dstld for sending me a pair of these to try out.