a year in review - 2018.

it’s almost impossible to accept that 2018 is about to end. it was a year that simultaneously felt like 20 seconds and 20,000 years all in one. that’s why i personally want to take a moment to reflect on this year and, hopefully, launch the quarterrican into 2019. 

to a certain extent, i think the turbulence of 2018 was internalized by myself and this blog. there was an intense reassesment, a period of self-reflection that happened over the summer. i felt like i was using this platform for all of the wrong reasons. i fumbled and for a long time, i seriously considered closing down the quarterrian. however, i’m really glad that i didn’t. 

i know i mention it a lot, but the capsule wardrobe has really changed my outlook for this platform and for the quarterrican moving forward. having a following comes with a certain level of responsibility to advocate for good things in the world. although i focus, for my fashion and style content, on sustainability, quality, and transparency, i hope to weave in other messages and thoughts into this platform. i want to say something more than just ‘you can wear this top with this bottom’. don’t get me wrong - i think personal style is important. it’s a big deal in my life. but what i really want to convey is how to reframe our relationship with personal style. i don’t care if you ever dress with a similar style as me. instead, i hope you adpot a similar mindset for creating your own wardrobe and purchasing the clothing you do wear. 

2019 is going to be an exciting year for the quarterrican and i cannot wait to embark on it with all of you. i say this a lot but, if you ever want to chat, have a question, or want to share some feedback, feel free to drop me a line. i wish all of you a safe new year and a creative, energizing 2019. 

Zachary Thomas