put it in your pocket for safe keeping.

i tend to hold on to things i love for a very long time, especially if they still work. my debit card is basically cracked in half but, since the swipe and chip both work, i continue to have awkward encounters with cashiers on a daily basis.

the same goes for my wallet. i’ve used the same wallet for almost a decade now. it’s still in decent condition and it’s one of the basic bi-fold models. and it’s been hard to part with because, sentimentally, it was my first ~real wallet, and it’s been through a lot. recently, i wanted to get some a little more understated, slim, and in a different style. i’m really pleased i stumbled upon pioneer carry because this wallet ticked all the boxes for me.

the specs

i’ve been testing out this wallet for about 2 weeks now and so far, it’s exceeded my expectations. it holds just what i need to go about my regular day with room for some extra things in case i need them. it’s slim, lightweight, and has a really nice feel to it. the fabric is also water resistant which, for boston, is much needed.

according to pioneer, this wallet breaks in over time. mine’s still stiff right now so i’m excited to see how it is in a few more months after some heavy use. full transparency, pioneer sent me this wallet to try out for myself so i didn’t have to purchase it. however, i think the price, for a wallet that’s supposed to last a very long time, is worth the investment if you like the look.

if you didn’t catch my most recent transparency project, this wallet is going to be hanging out in the beta test section of my wardrobe. check it out here.