centre-front menswear.

this week, the quarterrican jumps across the atlantic (well, not actually. email makes it so much easier) to london. i present to you: centre-front menswear.

who is centre-front?

centre-front menswear is a recently established menswear label focused on high-quality, everyday basics.   john, the founder of centre-front, worked as a menswear buyer for 6 years. he noticed there was a gap in the market between young fast fashion and premium menswear brands (think the leap from asos to j. crew). in this gap, he founded centre-front. 

the brand is trend-led, not trend-defined. many of the shapes, silhouettes, and colorways reflect current interests but retain a familiar, classic nostalgia. everything about this brand screams easy - easy to style, easy to wear, easy to integrate, and easy to transition. no matter why you buy it, it's going to be a strong addition to any wardrobe.

the specific high-neck sweatshirt they sent me has already been put to use during this boston summer cold snap (c'mon boston). it's really soft, features reinforced side panels, a heavy-weight fabric, and fits perfectly. plus, the neck is really high up which is a detail i prefer in my tops.

centre-front & calm 

beyond the clothes, my favorite element about centre-front is its partnership with CALM. CALM, the campaign against living miserably, is a charity that provides critical resources to prevent male suicide. in the u.k., suicide is the number 1 killer of men under the age of 45. the resources this charity provides can and do make an impact. 10% of all sales from centre-front support this charity. john wants the brand to become more involved with CALM as it continues to grow.

 i love fashion. pause.      let me start over. 

i love fashion that does good - centre-front does both. this brand epitomizes the quarterrican's desire to re(de)fine menswear; menswear that can positively impact our community.