find courage through fashion - shy clothing.

who is shyclo?

courage is sought after but not often found. for a while, i thought myself brave - i traveled to foreign countries by myself. i've taken risks... well, not really. and that was the problem. but i finally decided to be brave, take that risk - and hit send on that email loitering in my drafts.

shy clothing (shyclo) is a l.a.-based baseball cap brand that popped up on instagram one year ago. one year ago, i started my blog. i was a lot newer, a lot more nervous, and a whole lot more not brave. i followed them, thought about sending them an email, and never did. fast forward about 10 months, i noticed they hadn't posted on instagram in a significant amount of time. i feared the worst - they were no longer active. 

shyclo returns

about three weeks ago - they posted and i may or may not had shed a tear.

i quickly drafted an email to send them, went to hit send, and hesitated. again. i was so frustrated but i just couldn't hit that little paper airplane.

the benefits of being brave.

finally, after a lot of mental coaching, i hit send. when shyclo responded, they responded with overwhelming kindness. i realized how ridiculous i had been. maybe a year ago wasn't the right time to send an email; maybe it was. i'll never know. but, ironically, shy clothing gave me a little bit of courage. and they sent me 2 - not 1 - but 2 hats.  w  o  w.

i'm shy. 

now i can wear my shyness proudly like a badge of honor.

i love these hats. i know that the 'trend' around these hats has left instagram. however, a good hat for the summer is always on my essentials list. their hats are made in the u.s.a., the construction is durable, and the fabric is high-quality. all of their hats are currently on sale. pop over to their website, give them a browse, and show off your shyness with courage. 

staying brave after this moment. 

the analogy i equate this feeling to is like a reservoir that finally burst. after i contacted shyclo, i just couldn't stop. i reached out to other brands i admired. my only intention is to write about them on my blog. the response has been overwhelming. this has already allowed for my to connect with so many people, share brands stories, and learn more about myself.