reimagining classics - 1 9 2 0 n y

everyone owns a t-shirt. it's an iconic piece of apparel. as it's hopped through the decades, the humble tee was redefined again and again. the silhouette's change but the identity never waivered. i couldn't help but wonder (i've been watching a lot of sex and the city lately), was it ever brought into the 21st century?

the t-shirt reimagined

1 9 2 0  is a brand built on modernist principles. every garment is crafted with simplicity, form, function, and color as its guiding pillars. they make both men's and women's clothing. all tees are made from supima cotton, spun here in the u.s.a. the result - a clean, elegant collection of basics available in seasonal neutrals and vibrant hues.


james dean realness

i am obsessed with fun facts. it's why i like blogging about brands in the first place - i get to craft posts filled with fun facts. anyways, the name 1 9 2 0 comes from the year the word 't-shirt' entered the dictionary. this simple design has been around for almost a century and we persistently hold onto it with love. it's so beautiful how much we cherish it. 

abby moriarty, girl boss

abby moriarty, before starting 1 9 2 0 , was the vp of design for calvin klein. when raf simmons came, he restructured the department. she lost her job. however, she now runs a female-owned business. for her, women's empowerment is crucial and creating art to highlight that, through fashion, is one of her main goals.

female-owned businesses are something to celebrate. a strong, visionary woman like abby has the potential to create a brand that cares about its consumers. she inspires me to seek out more of these businesses. instagram can provide a platform for so many people who otherwise wouldn't have one. however, it also encourages many people to create the same thing in the race to become an entrepreneur. finding brands, like 1 9 2 0, that do something more is what the quarterrican stands for. these tees are truly designed with us, the wearers, in mind. it's refreshing to put something on, recognize that care, and let it fuel your day. it's energizing. 

james dean but make it minimal

abby sent me two products to try out - the roll-sleeve tee and the crewneck sweatshirt. the tee - impeccable. i always roll the sleeves on my tees and tuck them in because i don't like the length. they feel a little too long, a little too loose. however, i feel no need to do that with my 1 9 2 0. it lays just the way a good tee should - right at the waist with the sleeve ending in the middle of my bicep. cuffing season - over.

detail of 1920

up close

and personal...

the sweatshirt, on the other hand, is perfect for different reasons. the hem, again, hits me perfectly at the waist which is something i always look for. the sleeves, however, are a bit oversized. 


the cuffs make them perfect. they gather a little bit at the wrist, giving me a cute, oversized look, without covering my hands (you will learn, i'm incredibly finicky). putting these pieces on, i was struck with two immediate thoughts -

  1. the quality of these garments is top notch. even though they're basics, i feel like they deserve a special occasion.
  2. no wonder abby was the vp of design for calvin klein. every detail was considered for this final product. 1 9 2 0 is a visionary brand.


the tee is a classic. greek statues are classics. for the photoshoot, i was inspired by the textures and motion of the statues. i wanted to explore how they compared to the classic tee. i've thrown them in to add that extra element. 

i sincerely hope you enjoyed this post. if you did, please comment, share, and like it. thank you all for getting this far. it gives me so much joy to tell the stories of great brands like 1 9 2 0. if you're interested, contact me. say hi. give me feedback. connect. i'd love to hear from you ♡