skirting on self-care.

self-care is hard.

full stop.

there never seems to be enough time in the day to work, blog, exercise, relax, read, listen to podcasts, watch the latest tv show, and on on on until you become that perpetual pinwheel of death. the application is not responding realness.

at different points in our life, self-care can take on different forms but still be valid. maybe right now it's hiking and, in 5 years, it'll be meditation. a lot of the time, we're fed this concept that self-care is all about doing a face mask, buying a bath bomb, and Detoxing from All That Negativity™.

it doesn't have to be like that. for me, self-care is working on me in any capacity. that can be as easy as relaxing or as difficult and uncomfortable as pushing my own comfort zone to better me.

my self-care

recently, it's been a lot of the latter and, even though i want to strive to carve out more time for myself, i wanted to take this moment to redefine self-care. self-care can be something that takes effort - aka having a photoshoot. it was nourishing for my body and soul.

Zach 8-2.jpg

Detoxing from All That Negativity™

it's not just about a juice cleanse anymore.

this week, my self-care moment was leaving the city, wearing a skirt for a photo shoot, and pushing myself creatively with vicky. the location, with all its greenery, was calming. the skirt was, consciously or unconsciously, the best way for me to feel this way. i never realized 1.) how breezy it is when there isn't that strip of fabric and 2.) how free i would feel. i was nervous for the shoot - i had never worn a shoot and we were headed to a very public location to take these photos. but, once the skirt was one i felt an incredible amount of freedom, grace, and strength. i skirted on self-care - to end up wearing a skirt for self-care.

Photos by Vicky Gruenert.

Zachary Thomas