the capsule wardrobe - my personal quest to discover how little i could truly wear.

I drool a bit whenever I see a well curated wardrobe - crisp white shirts, calming neutrals, the perfect shade of denim, all neatly arranged on the world’s smallest clothing rack. When I first heard of a capsule wardrobe, I was interested. At the time, my style could be best described as chaotic streetwear meets thrifting wannabe. I wanted to change that. I bought more neutrals, tried to invest in higher quality brands, and, slowly but surely, built a wardrobe centered around basics. I felt like it wasn’t enough. My style was unfocused, at best.

Fast forward to today. This fall, I made a goal for myself: focus and refine my style. After a lot of research and planning, I’ve decided to take the plunge and beta test a capsule wardrobe for 30 days. I’ll be talking about how I picked the pieces, where I found my inspiration, and what pieces are actually in this capsule. I’ve linked some articles, sources, and inspiration for my capsule wardrobe at the bottom of this post if you want some further reading. 

A Capsule Wardrobe - The Tea.

A capsule wardrobe, originally coined by Susie Faux and popularized by Donna Karan, has become more and more popular. Sustainably-minded, high quality fashion brands have helped this movement pick up steam, like Everlane, Organic Basics, and Hemsmith. 

At its core, a capsule wardrobe is a curation of high-quality, interchangeable basics that can be worn all year round. For each season, mix in the necessities and statement pieces and BOOM. Capsule wardrobe.

For me, working towards capsule wardrobe matters because I don’t have a ton of space AND because I want to do my part to live sustainably. I’ve gravitated towards having less and wasting less so I figured I should practice what I preach.

Crafting my Capsule.

Process: This was the most difficult part. I spent a long time going through my wardrobe, sorting through which pieces I thought would work best together, and laying them out to make sure they all work. I feel that, if I had to start from scratch, this would have been a much more difficult process. Luckily, a lot of the pieces were hiding in my closet - I just needed to hunt them down. In the end, I decided on 30 pieces:

  • 9 tops

  • 6 bottoms

  • 4 jackets

  • 6 sweaters

  • 5 pairs of shoes 

Color Palette: I went for an aGgReSsiVeLy fall color palette. The base colors are navy, grey, and black. I then worked in shades of brown and terra-cotta.  A lot of this inspiration can be found on my Pinterest (I know, shocker 👀).  

Day-to-day: Aside from events at work, it’s a very casual environment. I work out of a co-working space so I focused on having pieces that I could wear to work, wear on the weekend, and go out with friends in. My goal was to have an outfit I could wear to the office and immediately meet up with people after I get off without feeling overdressed or out of place. 

Weather: The fall in Boston is fussy. It rains a decent amount but not enough to warrant SERIOUS rain boots. The temperature is usually between low 40s to mid 60s on a normal day. If I find that the weather gets unseasonably cold, I may change in a coat for one of the jackets I have right now. It is what it is. I feel like this wardrobe can be very organic - since it’s my first time, I have no doubt I’ll need to make tweaks along the way. 

The Challenge. 

These are the 3 rules I’m holding myself to:

  1. From October 1-31, I will dress from this capsule wardrobe. 

  2. I will post a photo on my Instagram of the outfit I am wearing. 

  3. Every week, I will talk about my challenges and successes.

The Clothes. 

Here are the pieces I will be using for this challenge. If I couldn’t find the piece, I linked a similar one. Since I wear a blend of men’s and women’s clothes, I have remained true to the ‘gender’ of the original piece to authentically represent the fit. All of the photos are linked. If the item was no longer available, I either linked the closest thing to it or to the store so you could explore their newer options.