out from under - statement tees in the winter.

recently, i’ve been thinking a lot about how to get the most out of my wardrobe. like a lot a lot. mostly because, after going through about 2.5 months of cold weather, i feel like my style was getting a little stale. sure, it was easy to wake up and be ready for work every day. but i was losing the creative element that i really enjoy when it comes to my personal style. then some inspiration struck this week when i read Alisa’s (alisa.koz) post, a new slow fashion blogger i stumbled upon recently, about winterizing her summer wardrobe. i challenged myself to do the same. 

truthfully, it was perfect timing too. kaap studios just sent me these heavy weight tees [gifted]* to test out and, while they are definitely thicker than your typical cotton tee, it isn’t enough to withstand the boston winds on their own. while they would be a very warm first layer, i didn’t want to hide the bold graphics because that’s what gives them their spunk. so, i decided to get creative with my layering. these tees were boxy and on the slightly larger side so I want with a tighter underlayer to keep it minimal without being baggy. (honestly, layering my clothes like this is not my favorite thing because i associate it more with kids clothing and what i wore when i was younger. tangent over.) i was surprised at how warm i was with this tee as my outer layer

it can be easy to throw that cozy sweater on in the morning and rush out the door. however, when you’re in a style rut, forcing yourself to use pieces from a different season can get some juices flowing AND help renew your style confidence. huge thank you to alisa for inspiring this post and enouraging me to step out of my winter comfort (cozy?) zone. i can’t wait to see how all of you winterize your wardrobes. 

*you may have noticed this “[gifted]” included after kaap studios. in an effort to increase my transparency, i have decided to include this on all blog and social media posts moving forward so all of you know why i may be featuring certain brands. all posts that include some sort of partnership designation will also now include the text you see below. 

kaap studios generously gifted me their tees to try out. i have received no monetary compensation for this post. all thoughts and opinions in this blog post are my own. if you have any questions about this partnership, please do not hesitate to ask.