shop but don't drop your intention

that feeling when you just need something new

imagine this: it’s the middle of the winter. you’ve worn the same outfit for weeks now because it’s so cold that you have no other choice. you feel bored with your personal style. uninspired. then, you think to yourself, what if i just bought a new sweater? or maybe a new coat? nothing crazy, just like one piece to spice things up?!? i just feel like i need SOMETHING to break this monotony. 

this has been me for the past 3 weeks. i started to think to myself, “why am i bored of what i’m wearing? realistically, i like all of these pieces a lot and i enjoy wearing them. why do i want more?” after some self reflection, i felt like it came from two spaces. half of this pressure was definitely internal. as someone who wants to share their style and continue to be stylish, it’s hard when you feel like you look the same every day, especially because it’s been cold in boston for a very long time now. i also made my current wardrobe very small and while i continue to build it out, i don’t want to rush it just because i’m bored. the other half came from external pressure. brands and companies were telling me i needed to make a change because my layers are getting boring. just before i sat down to write this blog post, i received an email from depop with the very same headline which, honestly, is ridiculous. 



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no more impulse buying

if you’re also having difficulty this winter, or feel like you’re definitely someone who wants to buy something new whenever life starts to get a little stagnant, i wanted to put together a guide on how to shop with intention during those tough spots. 

1. reflect - think about where this feeling is coming from. here are some questions i’ve asked myself to help me identify what’s up. is it just because you feel some sort of pressure to change things up? or is it because there’s something missing in your closet? are you getting tired of something because it’s getting really worn out? if you get something new, are you willing to let go of something? there aren’t any right answers to these questions but hopefully they can give you a clearer idea of where this feeling is coming from.

2. evaluate - based on the answers to these or any questions you decide to ask yourself, evalute your response. if you’re feeling like it’s time to get something new, that’s so exciting. it might be a good idea, ig you want to keep a minimal wardrobe, to part with something that’s older or worn out in exchange for this new item. think about how to best ensure your wardrobe is maintaining itself. 

3. do your research - really explore all of the options you have for this piece: fit, quality, material, color, price, brand, sustainability, practicality, etc. i often try and think of a few different looks i can create using this new piece off the top of my head. obviously, you can continue to get creative but, if you can only think of one look, maybe this isn’t the piece for you. 

4. test - if you can, try out the product. if the store is available where you live, i recommend going in to try it on with an outfit you think you would wear it with to assess the fit. purchasing makes me a tad anxious so i like to take a day to think about it if i don’t feel 100% sure. i feel like walking away gives me that clarity of whether or not i got more excited because i had it in my hands at the store or if it was a great piece. if you are still thinking about it when you’re home or the next day, swipe that card. 

5. enjoy - if you’ve come this far, enjoy your new piece of clothing! you did all you could to ensure that your purchase was intentional and it’s time to celebrate it!