out with the old, in the the slightly used.

over the past two months or so, i’ve been focusing a lot on the concept of winter boredom. my goal is to always find a way to maintain a wardrobe that i love every single day. so, why am i bored? as i’ve started to pay more attention, I noticed that the phrase (or something similar) pops up everywhere. we see it in our emails from brands we love, we read about it on social media, and, as a result, we feel it everytime we look at our closets. 

so far in this series, i’ve explored impusle buying in the winter and reframed my relationship with my wardrobe by appreciating my middle layers more than my outerwear. to round out this series, i want to write about my experience with a clothing swap. 

i organized a clothing swap with another creator on the platform that i admire on the platform: michael jared. i reached out and pitched him the idea of exchanging a few items and seeing how it goes. we exchanged photos of what we wanted to send and then dropped them off at the post office.

truthfully, this experience was difficult at first. i found myself having second thoughts about giving someone a few pieces of clothing i felt i had an attachment to. for me, this sentimentality has always made it difficult. now, about a month out from when i first messaged him, i can say with confidence that that feeling has faded. i don’t even miss the pieces that i sent along and i’m extremely jazzed about the pieces i got in return. 

the first piece michael sent me was this suede ralph lauren jacket. the camel color is a welcome addition to my wardrobe and the fabric is SO soft. plus, it lands right at my waist which is always something i look for in a jacket. the only bit i don’t love are the cuffs - they’re a little big so i might see if that’s something i can get altered. all in all, this piece is going to be an exciting part of my spring wardrobe.

he also sent me a light grey sweater from haggar. this piece is perfectly oversized, comfy, and warm. i’m defintiely going to get some good use out of this around the house and on the go. it looks expecially good tucked into some high-waisted trousers. 

two items that aren’t pictured are a white corduroy button up and a yellow tommy hillfiger windbreaker. i love the button-up and i’ve already started working it into my casual work wardrobe. the only item i am still trying to figure out for my wardobe is the yellow windbreaker. it’s a little brighter than what i usually wear so i’m thinking about how to best incorporate it or if i need to pass it along to someone else. 

this clothing swap was a really positive experience! i’m always amazed at the ways social media can end up with tangible exchanges outside of the digital space. it’s been fun to have something fresh and new in the wardrobe that didn’t lead to end in impulse buying. winter is almost over, keep on holding out everyone.