spring into minimalism | spring 2019 capsule wardrobe

as i’m writing this, the sun outside actually means there could be warmth instead of just a guarantee that it won’t snow today which can only mean one thing - spring has arrived in boston. instead of having to dress to avoid a nasty case of frostbite, i can finally blend utility and style in a way that doesn’t force me to look like a chicken nugget every day. before we dive into the nitty gritty of the capsule wardrobe set-up, i want to encourage new visitors to my blog to check out both my first capsule wardrobe project and my full wardrobe. both of these have been building blocks for creating the wardrobe i want. now, let’s dive in to this spring capsule.

crafting my capsule

this time around, i had a much easier time pulling out the pieces that would form my capsule. with the experience of my last challenge and my efforts to streamline my wardrobe, i could have easily chosen any piece in my closet to be a part of this. that being said, i wanted to challenge myself this time around to bring some lighter colors into the mix. my last capsule had a lot of navy, grey and black but, since then, i have brought some lighter neutrals and colors into my collection that are perfect for spring. light colors make me nervous because they’re harder to care for and stain more easily BUT i am prepared to take the plunge. 

i have again decided on 30 pieces to wear over the next 30 days. here is the breakdown:

8 tops

7 bottoms

5 jackets 

6 sweaters

4 pairs of shoes

color palette: the base colors of this capsule are white, camel, navy, black. i have thrown in pops of grey and orange to give it a lighter feel. check out this pinterest board for more color palette curation. 

day-to-day: currently, i am just out and about working on my blog and hunting for new opportunities. so, i have the freedom to choose the look that i want based on the day. while i am continually trying to create a distinctive style, some days with have a different feel than others. overarching goal mood: light, breezy, comfortable with a little edge.

weather: i’m a little nervous about the weather this time around. boston has been pretty unpredictable this year. i waited until april because i was hoping the weather would stay warmer than march. since this city still decides to have a mind of its own, i have left my puffer out in my closet just in case the weather decides to drop one of the days. aside from that, everything will be pulled from the pieces i’ve pulled.

the challenge.

like last time, having a few rules for accountability went a long way. here are the rules i’ll be sticking to throughout my spring challenge:

1. from april 1-30, i will only pull pieces from this capsule wardrobe (weather permitting).

2. i will post a photo of my outfit on my stories and talk through my fit for the day.

3. i will provide weekly check-ins, talking about how this capsule is going. 

the capsule.

i have included all of the pieces i will be wearing below. if you are interested in learning more about these pieces, i have linked them to where i purchased them or to something i felt was a strong equivalent. always feel free to reach out to me through email or insta if you have more questions!