forever leather.


there are things in our lives that we rely on every day but hardly think about. maybe its that same coffee mug you diligently fill every morning. or that pen you use to journal every day. and the crazy thing is that we never even notice that we don’t notice….  since i want to take a slower pace with fashion, i sat down and thought about what parts of my wardrobe i truly take for granted. after some thought, i came to the conclusion that it’s the smaller things: socks, underwear, and, for the focus of this blog post, belts. 

 aside from being a reliable statement for a french tuck (thanks tan france), i don’t often give my belts a large amount of mental space like i would my favorite sweater. i wanted a piece that i could keep coming back to, something that i could have become part of me over time. however, after discovering blake goods, my new favorite belt is definitely fulfilling its place in a slow lifestyle. as i soon discovered, even its creation is slow, intentional, and better for the environment. 

when i first received the belt, i was worried because the leather was SO stiff, like, “if i put this on right now am i going to break it?” stiff. after some frantic research, i found out that this leather isn’t like leather you normally buy in store. their belts are made from vegetable-tanned leather. vegetable tanning is a slow, ‘old-world’ process that takes 6-8 weeks to tan hide into leather. full transparency, the process does require more water since it takes more time. that being said, it doesn’t use chemicals like chromium, which generate toxic waste water. as with everything, there’s always a trade off but this is one that feels good to me. 

since the belt is only made of leather and a few metal bits, it has a timeless simplicity to it (there isn’t even any stitching on it, just leather and hardware).  i had the chance to chat with jessie for a bit and she said that the belt was inspired by equestrian leather goods, which have to be exceptionally durable to withstand constant use. unlike the softer leather you buy in the store, the fact that this one is stiffer when bought means that it will last significantly longer. 

what i’m most excited about is the fact that this belt has a breaking-in process. it’s already broken in a bit and i’m finding its becoming easier and easier to use. while blake goods has a cream on their website that you can use to treat the belt much like you would a pair of shoes, you can also use the oil from your hands to hydrate it or just let it do its thing. i’m really excited to have a belt that i can put energy into preserving; it feels like i have more of a connection to it. this belt is going to last forever and i cannot wait to have it within arms reach for years to come.  

while this post was sponsored by blake goods, all opinions and thoughts reflected in it are my own. while i do not want anyone to purchase something they don’t need, you can use ZACH10 for 10% off your purchase.