what comes next - spring 2019 capsule recap


i cannot believe that 30 days have gone by and that this challenge is over. i don’t feel like this capsule has been life-changing in the same way that my first one was. instead, this capsule was a continuation of the norm, a check-in with myself and my morals. this is not to say that i didn’t learn anything - instead, i think i learned more about my relationship to my current wardrobe rather than to fashion as a whole. 

coming out of this challenge, i feel like i have a stronger idea of how i want my wardrobe to look. the pieces i have been accumulating all fit into the idealized aesthetic i am trying to cultivate. no matter what i put on each day, i felt like i looked like myself. i used to feel like i would put on some pieces and that i was wearing a costume instead of an outfit. this capsule felt genuine which is liberating. 

additionally, i am more confident in the durability of my wardrobe. there was never a moment over those 30 days where i was worried about my clothing giving up on me, which is comforting. i want these pieces to last a long time. when it’s all i have to wear, more or less, i do worry that i am taking a significant risk. thankfully, there’s the option of repairing these pieces which i am so excited to explore once i reach that point with my wardrobe. 

one of the major challenges i faced with this project was conquering my apprehension towards wearing white. i found that, in general, i gravitated away from the lighter pieces in this capsule. i have this constant worry about maintaining and preserving their pristine condition. however, i want to remind myself, and anyone else who struggles with this, that clothing is meant to be worn. white denim will not be perfectly white forever. instead of fear, we should find comfort in the reality that our clothing will change along with us. i try to remember that those white jeans will eventually become off-white or cream colored and that will be an exciting new stage of their life to explore. 

the other major challenge i faced during this capsule was the weather, which was obviously out of my control. however, that does not reduce the difficulty that this added. it rained SO MUCH. as a result, i felt limited in my imagination since i could only wear certain pieces whenever it rained. i want to work on being more creative when the weather throws a curveball. rain shouldn’t be restrictive but instead an opportunity to think outside of the box. i’m excited to improve upon this in the future. 

overall, i really enjoyed this challenge. in addition to what’s above, i have had more of an opportunity to connect with you all this time around! i am grateful for all the discussions we are able to have and i hope we can continue to have them. i’m already planning out the next capsule and i can’t for round 3.