A plastic free bathroom.


Plastic. I have a love hate relationship with plastic. On one hand, it’s extremely convenient. It doesn’t break, it’s lightweight, and it’s cheap. This makes products more accessible. One the other hand, it’s EVERYWHERE. When you really start to look, it’s a little scary to see the quantity of things that come in plastic that we don’t even register. And when that stays to happen, it can become concerning to think about the sheer amount of plastic that is consumed and discarded in a single day.

Back in April, I decided that my love of sustainability would need to start moving into other parts of my life. So, I made a commitment to myself that by June, I would remove all of the plastic packaging from my bathroom including things like deodorant, soap, skincare products, and dental hygiene products. Two months later, I am proud to say that I have removed (almost, which I will explain) all plastic from my bathroom.

Along the way, a lot of people continued to remind me that I can recycle plastic which is true. However, I want to remind everyone that the most important part of sustainability is reducing, then reusing, THEN recycling. Plus, only a small portion of plastics actually enter the recycling stream and are recycled. I just wanted to get rid of plastic altogether. These are the products I have chosen to invest in to create my plastic free bathroom

My current bathroom

Shower & Body


Dental Hygiene

here are the two exceptions i would like to take some time and explain:

  1. Public goods toothpaste and sunscreen - public goods is this really amazing trial-based marketplace of high-quality, sustainable goods. all of their products are pretty affordable and with myself and my three roommates going in on the yearly subscription, it’s very affordable. i had heard that public goods bottles its products in a sugar cane based packaging which is so exciting. so, i ordered the toothpaste and sunscreen assuming that everything is packaged in this sugarcane based material. however, it’s only some of the bottles and containers. i will use the toothpaste and sunscreen because i don’t want to be wasteful (and i can recycle them) and, after reaching out to public goods, i found out that they are always working to find new ways to reduce the use of plastic in their products. for that reason, i am making an exception and choose to support them in the hope that it can further propel them into more sustainable packaging solutions. plus, the floss, toothbrush, and other products are great and i would keep the subscription just for those (and my roommates like it and aren’t as crazy as i am about plastic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

  2. palmer’s cocoa butter - i still have not been able to find a body lotion that i like more than this at the price point i feel comfortable spending. i know lush has a good body butter but i just don’t know if i am willing to pay that kind of money. i will continue to look for a lotion but for now i will still by buying this one. hopefully, they move on to more sustainable packaging!

I’m excited to continue to reduce the amount of plastic i use on a daily basis in other areas of my life as well. At the end of this post, I’ve also included lists of other products that I found during my research that I either felt didn’t match what I was looking for or were not in the price range that I wanted to adhere to. Some of them also come in plastic but that doesn’t eliminate that fact they are still good for you. i also don’t expect you to be as crazy as i am but reducing plastic where you can can always make a big difference!

Other products


face wash:

Dental Hygiene:

Facial Toner:



Body Wash