fall check-in

i can’t believe it’s been one year since i started my sustainability journey. recently, I’ve been reflecting on the first capsule i did, chuckled a little, and felt amazed that I have come this far. i started this journey for a few reasons, namely to see if i could use it as a way to make my closet feel more cohesive. a year down the line, that list of reasons now includes: reduce single-use plastic, increase mental clarity, invest in the people who make our clothes, and close the loop on my personal consumption.

fashion, and my love of it, still remains central to everything i do even though this experience continues to seep into other parts of my life. for this blog post, i wanted to check in with what i am gravitating towards for the chillier months before i start to brave those miserable temperatures boston loves to bring in the dead of winter.

100% cotton denim

for this blog post, i want to highlight this jacket in particular. i found this jacket at my favorite thrift spot in cambridge and i am obsessed. it’s in a clean, dark wash which Is something i have been desperately searching for. what makes this jacket very special for me is the square cut, structured element that it has. i love shape because, when you have fewer pieces that all work together, i personally think that shape is what makes your style stand out as opposed to a bold statement print or fabric.

but more on the 100% cotton denim, it’s been something i keep an eye out for whenever i am searching for a pair of pants or a great piece like this. i find that it’s far more comfortable, gets softer over time, and holds its shape far better than denim that has some sort of plastic fiber in it like elastane. plus, you don’t have to worry about finding a way to capture any plastic fibers that might get knocked loose during the wash cycle.

heavy duty fabrics

While pieces like workwear and military wear don’t fit under the typical ‘minimal’ style of perfectly clean lines and fabrics, i think that the rugged flair adds some exciting intrigue to my outfits and capsule wardrobe. i’ve found that, for me, these pieces tend to have that boxier shape that i’m always looking for. additionally, the fabrics, from corduroy to leather to high quality denim, are so warm which is a huge plus once the temperature starts to drop in boston. it keeps me toasty without having to feel like i have a TON of clothes on.

in addition to this leather jacket, i have quite a few exciting pieces that pull from traditions of wear and tear resistance. plus, they’re always incredibly well constructed (no pun intended) so i feel confident that the investment in them will really pay off in the long run.

purposeful layers

layering has been something i have veered away from for quite awhile but i now find myself gravitating towards it again due to some really wonderful inspiration i’ve been seeing on Instagram. i want the layer to be purposeful and useful - ideally it keeps me warm but doesn’t look like i just threw something on.

i think the main reason i’ve avoided it is because it reminds me of the early 00s layering which is just painful reminder of my middle school years. however, after finding some great inspo, playing around with pieces that fit more naturally into my style, and testing a few layering photos on the ‘gram, i can safely say that it will be a staple of my fall wardrobe. this chore jacket is a perfect example of a simple layer that adds some warmth and interest.

lighter tones

while spring is still king of the light tones, i want to bring a bit of the cooler summer tones into my fall wardrobe. while it’s probably because i’m not quite ready to part with them yet, i think the main reason is because i want to create a wardrobe that is timeless. it would make me a little sad to know that there were parts of my wardrobe that i felt i couldn’t wear during the fall because they are definitely more of a spring/summer color. plus, they look really great with this darker statement layer (see, already doing better with my layering game).

where’s the capsule?

i’m so excited to say that my fall capsule wardrobe will be launching at the start of october to coincide with my birthday month and the official 1 year anniversary of plunging into a capsule wardrobe. all of the pieces in this blog post will be a part of this capsule and i cannot wait to share it with everyone.

until then, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of this page. it will have a ton of sustainability, minimalism, slow-living, and zero-waste tips for readers. i’m so excited to launch this and i cannot wait to share with everyone.