a capsule wardrobe challenge and it’s minimal aftermath.

hello! thank you so much for stopping by. it’s been a crazy month since my last blog post. if you didn’t read it, i recommend you give it a quick skim before diving into this one. 

when i embarked on this journey a month ago, i did not anticipate the outcome i face today. i expected to end this project and return to business as usual. i was ready to emerge with a focused understanding of my personal style. however, what has come of this challenge was far greater than i could have ever anticipated. 

after a lot of thought, i did something v extra. maybe a little extreme. but very, very necessary.

i donated 60% of my wardrobe. 


75 individual items that took up space but added no value to my life. my apartment isn’t very big. the closet, even smaller. it was unmanageable and, after this project, unwanted.

i’m not just left with my capsule. but i did let go of some items i had originally included in my capsule. one pair of shoes gave up on life during the project and i’m working on replacing them (keep an eye out for that post soon ~). some of the other pieces i let go weren’t useful. they had been quick, impulsive creations or purchases. although i wasn’t proud of owning them, i am committed to being better about this moving forward. 

in the end, this challenge left me with 5 major takeaways:

1. people don’t notice 

when i first started dedicating my instagram to personal style, i felt an obscene amount of pressure to guarantee variety in what i wore. some bloggers have yet to repeat an outfit ☕ i am a serial outfit repeater, a habit that really pushed me to try out this project. looking back, i don’t feel that pressure anymore. day-to-day, no one really notices. on my poll out of 72 people, 85% of you said that you wouldn’t have noticed that i wore the same 30 things. it was also so exiting to see how many of you are inspired to think more sustainably.

2. life became a whole lot easier. 

getting ready in the morning with a capsule wardrobe? the easiest thing i’ve ever done. i would look at the weather, pick out what was appropriate, and put it on. raining? raincoat. unseasonably cold for fall? the warmest sweater in the capsule. it simplified my daily routine and gave me more mental space in the morning to drink coffee and read. the mental clarity this provided me was an unexpected, but welcomed side effect of this project. 

3. my mindset around fashion and shopping has shifted.

real talk. i first became interested in fashion around 2014. i would drool over vetements, “OFF-WHITE”, and balenciaga. i desperately wanted to be a hypebeast, even if i would never admit that. the people i looked up to had new streetwear on ever day. i wanted that. i wanted to be them. i tried.

i’m proud that i tried. without it, i would never be here typing these words. i think a blog, whether on instagram, youtube, or in your journal, is about self-discovery.  i’ve discovered that i’m not that person and i don’t want to be. i like the lane i’m merging into. it’s authentic to who i am as a fashion enthusiast. i will encourage myself and anyone who reads this blog to think about your clothing consumption. always be critical. always be questioning. there’s so much room to make mistakes. i want to keep learning from mine and do right by my wallet, myself, and the planet. 

4. i’m more in control of my wardrobe than ever before. 

way back when i worked at urban outfitters. the employee discount was great. i was finally developing my own personal style. since then, it’s been through a lot of growing pains. i’ve wanted to create something more sophisticated a la Don Borsch, Jordan Bunker, and Brittany Bathgate. i felt like i had the pieces but i still wasn’t parting with those last few (well, 70) pieces that made me feel like i wasn’t there yet. now, i have a fresh start and it’s invigorating. 

5. 30 pieces of clothing isn’t unreasonable. 

it’s a little extreme, i’ll admit that. but it’s not unreasonable. i never felt bored or limited. the only element holding me back is the seasonal change here. i couldn’t get through winter on that capsule alone. so, while i am now returning to a more expanded wardrobe, i want to preserve the capsule mindset. all that less is more stuff.

what’s next?

this capsule wardrobe challenge was transformational journey. i discovered a new passion within fashion that i eagerly want to explore. i was fortunate enough to connect with so many of you throughout this journey. seeing your genuine excitement around this project was new for me. it’s something that i’m slowly but surely getting used to.

moving forward, expect more of this. i want to push the boundaries of what i can do to promote sustainability. my next goal is to explore new ways to increase transparency through my instagram and website. this project will take some time but it will be worth the wait. thank you for joining me on this capsule wardrobe challenge.