rocky clark clothing.

the quarterrican's face-lift means a lot more than an aesthetic overhaul. i decided i would be confident and take myself seriously. after all, to be a professional in anything, you first have to treat yourself like a professional. this post is an unofficial start of this process. already, i've had energizing discussions with creatives and brands out here helping the world and re(de)fining menswear. without further ado, i present to you - rocky clark. 

rocky clark's history

rocky clark clothing is a nyc based label that creates tactile & compelling sustainable streetwear. joseph, the founder, decided to establish this brand in 2014 with one goal in mind - to build a brand on u.s.a. made sustainable streetwear. since then, rocky clark has grown strategically while letting the brand organically shape itself. the brand focuses mostly on denim but still dabbles in other streetwear essentials.

in this day and age, it's hard to find brands that are committed to sustainability in addition to positive impact. that's why i passionately stand behind rocky clark and their commitment to designing sustainable, local garments. all pieces created by rocky clark are carefully constructed in their new york city based factory. on top of that, 3% of all sales is donated to animal welfare.  

the most honest part of this up and coming brand is their willingness experimentation. year of the dog, their current collection, is the largest r.c. collection to date. right now, the denim is in the final stages of prototyping. once the brand nails down a design, they want to develop multiple colorways. eventually, 3 different versions of this denim will be available. the overall aesthetic grounds itself in durability and industrialism, making them figuratively and literally irreplaceable. now, anyone can  look good and cut down on clothing waste. 

sustainable tote bag

recently, rocky clark sent me their signature tote bag to try out. about a year ago, i decided to use tote bags instead of backpacks as my 'everyday bag' and i'm never turning back. constructed from hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester, this bag is strong enough to hold anything i throw in - my laptop, book, notebook, phone, sunglasses, paperweight, groceries, student debt... you get the idea. the tote bag is the first design ever created by rocky clark. it's inspired by denim and industrial design. this tote is perfect for any individual who is mobile, fast-paced, and minimal. for me, the feel & weight of the fabric are what separate this bag from the others i've used in the past.

you'll be seeing a lot of rocky clark in the coming months, mostly because they're dope and i'll be using this tote until it falls apart. for anyone who wants the best tote bag out there, use the discount code TEAMRC1 for 10% off any purchase. love the earth & love yourself - you won't regret it.